Cybersecurity and Compliance:
Friends or Foes?
It can be stressful for folks at hospitals to face the sheer number of attacks along with so many other risks to mitigate. Healthcare compliance professionals can feel that the management of cyber threats in addition to their already existing compliance program is overwhelming and even a little redundant. However, cybersecurity adds a separate and increasingly crucial key to maintaining compliance.
The HIPAA Security Rule:
Are the Safeguards Really Enough?
In this relevant and extremely timely presentation, Burton and White will examine the Security Rule safeguards, implementation, management, oversight, and maintenance of safeguard controls. They’ll dive deep into HIPAA regulations. Then detail strategies for the best ways to manage safeguards to protect healthcare organizations from noncompliance and cybersecurity risks (and how compliance and cybersecurity fuse together in the HIPAA Security Rule).
Friends or Foes v2
Watch our webinar, “Cybersecurity and Compliance: Friends or Foes?”, as Healthicity teams up with Cyvatar to learn how cybersecurity and compliance go hand in hand. Tackling them simultaneously will make your job easier and your work more streamlined and efficient. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
  • Manage Compliance Rules That Impact Your Cybersecurity Plan
  • Implement Administrative, Technical, and Physical Safeguards
  • Handle a Security Breach
Are the Safeguards Really Enough
Watch this webinar, “The HIPAA Security Rule: Are the Safeguards Really Enough?” and learn how to:
  • Identify gaps between compliance requirements and cybersecurity best practices.
  • Close the gaps and help your organization become compliant and secure simultaneously.
  • Leverage tools, techniques, and resources to fully evaluate and implement the Security Rule Safeguards.